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  • Beginners Welcome!

    Classes are perfect for Beginners who are brand new to our programs or the advanced student who wants a challenge.  Our classes can challenge you regardless of your ability level. 

  • Multiple Weekly Options

    Our memberships will work for you even if you can only get to one class each week because you are busy with other things and your family. We have multiple options for memberships. 

  • Convenient Times

    We understand that your schedule is busy so we have classes at times that are convenient for you.  We have classes in the early morning or in the evening. 

  • A Focus on Life Skills

    We’re proud that our students develop character, confidence, and courtesy. That’s not by accident. Our curriculum includes important life skill lessons every class. 

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Empower Boxing

The Fitness

Welcome to the West Central Minnesota Fat Burning Machine. We melt  800 calories an hour! Empower Boxing™ was created to focus on one solitary goal; Get You Results Fast!

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No Belts
or Bowing

Our Empower Boxing program not about sparring, belts, uniforms, bowing, or ritual. It's about empowering you to gain control of your body. Each class is challenging but you can set your own pace.

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The Best Shape
of Your Life

Our classes are fast and furious because you are moving non-stop for 30-60 minutes depending on the class. Don't worry. You can slow down and take a break at anytime so you'll never feel like it's too much. 

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Use Kickboxing to Sculpture

Kicking adds an athletic challenge and variety to the class and shapes your legs. So, if you've ever wanted the legs of a dancer, kicking will sculpt them for you.

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Track and Monitor Your Progress

No more unknown workouts.  Monitor your strikes, number of impacts, and force of each strike.

With our emailed workout summary, personal mobile app, and in class scoreboard, you will know exactly how you are doing in every class.

Our Impact Wrap strike tracking heavy bags will show you right where you are and your improvement. Set some goals for yourself and see how you are improving.  Challenge yourself or challenge a friend.  Set your high score and push yourself to beat it with good solid fundamental striking.

Come join the network of over 45,000 people around the world who are are tracking their progress with Impact Wrap strike trackers!

Convenient Class Schedules

Empower Boxing Alexandria has 6 classes each week to give something for every schedule.  Early mornings are a great way to start the day kicking and getting energized for the day.  These classes are perfect for the professional who works a 9 - 5 kind of schedule every day. Get your day off to an amazing start with Empower Boxing before going to work.

Evenings are a great way to relieve the stress of the day.  Whatever your day has been like, our heavy bags want to know about it.  They will listen attentively without interrupting or asking you for anything as you pound your stress off on them.

Our program is specifically designed to give you the best workout while teaching you fundamental self-defense skills.  We want you to feel confident in your skills and abilities when you walk outside.

  • 5:15 am - Monday/Wednesday/Friday
  • 5:30 pm - Monday/Wednesday
  • 8:00 am - Saturday


Private Self-Defense Courses

Do you know someone who needs some practice, realistic self-defense quickly?

Is someone heading off to college soon and you want to help them prepare for collegiate success and keep them safe?

Are you worried for your own safety in today's world and want to arm yourself with some extra skills?

We can help.  Our 2 hour private self-defense courses are the perfect way to get some important skills quickly and effectively without a lot of time or extra fluff.  Just practical, law enforcement based tools to keep you safe.  We want to keep you safe before violence happens.

Click the button below for more details about our 2-hour private self-defense courses for you and a friend.  (Note: They are private but require 2 students to attend together.  We recommend 2 family members but that isn't vital.)Keep Yourself Safe - NOW!

self defense in brandon

Personal Safety

If you are ever in a situation where your life is threatened or that of your loved ones, what would you pay to make the threat stop? The answer is usually "anything." Our class is insurance against that payment. 

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How to Stop a Bully

Our Bully Prevention plan is non-violent, but it will teach you how to use legal resources that are currently available to you for FREE to turn the tables on a bully in ways he or she never imagined.

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self defense in brandon

Learn the Secret

Violent attackers have a secret advantage that give them the advantage. We'll break down the elements of that secret so you never put your self in a position for it to be used against you.

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self defense in brandon

You Don't Know
What You Don't Know

While all of our programs instill confidence, none of them do it as fast as our self-defense program. The first realization most students have is, "I had no idea how vulnerable I was..."

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