Our Fourth Anniversary

Beginning Monday, May 1, 2017 Empower Boxing Alexandria will be celebrating it’s Fourth Anniversary and we want you to join in the fun!  We have a number of fantastic events and celebrations all month long.

Four years ago, I never imagined that Empower Boxing would be as successful as it has become.  We have expanded from offering only three classes per week with only two instructors to now having two locations with a combined 14 classes and an amazing team of seven instructors.

We offer a huge variety of classes and programs.  We started with boxing and kickboxing.  Since 2013, we have added MMA, Empower 30, Empower Uncaged, Strength, Kickboxing Skills, Boxing Skills, Convergent Combat Training, and personal training services.

It is amazing to witness so much growth and improvement in our program in the last four years.  I cannot imagine right now what the next year will be like much less the next four.

Thank you so much for being part of Empower Boxing and helping us keep Central Minnesota kicking for 4 years!

Community Involvement

Empower Boxing believes that we need to help support our community in any way we are able to.  Last year for our anniversary we organized a Kick-fest to support the Alexandria Salvation Army.  This year we want to do something just as important.  That is why we have decided to help support a new organization in Alexandria that is working to combat human trafficking and child exploitation in the area.  This new organization is Forever Reaching to Eliminate Exploitation in Alexandria (F.R.E.E. Alexandria) and is committed to preventing human trafficking and child exploitation.  

On May 22, 2017, F.R.E.E. Alexandria is organizing a human trafficking education event that is open to the public and especially any leader who works with students in the 12 – 15 year old age group.  Human trafficking is a huge problem in Minnesota and specifically the Alexandria area due to our major roadways, abundant sporting, hunting, and fishing events, wonderful tourist attractions, large commercial truck stop, and nearby Interstate rest area.  All of these features put together, not one alone, mean that the youth of the Alexandria area are prime targets for trafficking recruiters.  Human trafficking is a problem here in our community.

If you have any doubts about the problem that human trafficking is in West Central Minnesota, please take a quick look at the Facebook page and see the huge number of stories about trafficking problems in the area.

Empower Boxing wants to help in the fight to stop the scourge that is human trafficking!  As a team, we have decided to help them by doing two connected events.

Fundraising T-shirt

Starting tomorrow May 1, we will be selling a special one-time run of F.R.E.E. Alexandria Knockout Human Trafficking t-shirts.  These shirts will be only $20 plus shipping and and will be a fundraiser for F.R.E.E. Alexandria.  All the profits from the sale of these shirts from May 1 to May 19 will be given to the organization to help fight human trafficking.

The t-shirts are Gildan Ultra-cotton t-shirts and run very consistent in sizing.  If you have purchased a t-shirt from Empower Boxing before and received a good fit, these shirts will be the same size.  They are great shirts.  They will be produced after the order and then sent out to all of the people who have ordered the shirt.

To order your shirts now, click the button below.


Child Protection and Self-Defense Class

Following the May 22 education event, Empower Boxing Alexandria is going to host a Child Protection and Self-Defense Class at 5:30 pm on Friday, May 26.  This course will be focused on teaching you how to protect your children from harm, how to help them to protect themselves by giving you strategies you can teach at home, and teaching you how to keep yourself safe from harm.

This class will be a 90 minute course that will give you many skills for you and your loved ones.  It will be a martial arts, boxing, and self-defense focused course where you will receive knowledge on how to stop violence from touching you and your family but also

Free Trial Classes

Starting tomorrow, May 1, all of our classes are FREE to try!  That is right, if you are not a current member of Empower Boxing you can attend any of our classes for FREE all month long!  That is amazing but it is going to get better.

After attending a few classes and deciding that you are ready to make the leap.  We are offering FREE Gloves and Hand Wraps with new enrollments.  That is a value of over $40!!

Current Member Benefits

If you are a current student of Empower Boxing, you may be asking yourself, “So, what do I get out of this celebration?”  Here is what we have for you!

One month upgrade

For the month of May, regardless of your current membership level, you get to upgrade to Unlimited classes.  Yes, this is just for one month but we are giving everyone an upgrade.  Come enjoy as many classes as you want!

A new Mobile App

We are officially launching the brand new app called MemberAssist.  This app is available on the Google Play Store here as well as on the Apple App Store here.  This new app brings a number of really cool features that we know you are going to enjoy!

  • Announcements and Specials right on the app
  • Class schedule by date or location, with instructor that will change in real time.
  • All the classes of Schutz Martial Arts in one place.
  • Book yourself into a class if you know you are coming.
  • Use your phone to check in (Use your Member ID number from your account)
  • Access to your Member Manager account page
  • Ability to send feedback
  • Direct access to our Facebook page
  • Access to our YouTube channel
  • Much more coming!

Download it today!

Bring a Friend Prizes

With it being a month of free classes for your friends, you may have a large number of friends attend classes with you.  When you bring friends to class you will win prizes all month long.  The prizes are based on bringing unique friends to class.  The same friend who comes multiple times per month doesn’t count multiple times.

  • 2 Friends – a new set of hand wraps
  • 4 Friends – a new glass waterbottle
  • 6 Friends – a personal training session with one of the Empower Boxing instructors
  • 8 Friends – a new Empower Boxing apparel item.

These prizes will be cumulative so you could really win big!

Empowered Q&A Board

We also will have a new Empowered Board setup by the coffee station with colored index cards.  Your job is to answer a question from the cards and post them to the bulletin board.  There will be several kinds of questions and some will surprise you.  It will be fun way to interact with the staff and the other students.  You may keep your answers anonymous or you may attribute your name to them.

New Apparel!

It has been some time since we launched a new apparel item and this is the time for the new item!  The official announcement of the brand new Empower Boxing quarter-zip pull-over jacket!

This jacket is available in both men’s and women’s styles in sizes Small to 4X Large. Dani owns a jacket of this same brand and style.  She enjoys hers immensely and has had it for some time.  It has stood up well and she wears it quite often.

The women’s style has thumb holes but the men’s style does not come with thumb holes.

This is a high quality jacket with a screen printed three color logo on the front of the jacket.  The logo is small and discrete, it will be a great addition to your collection and a great way to show off your Empower Boxing spirit.

This jacket will be only $40!

Social Media Give-aways

Four times throughout the month on Tuesdays at 12:15 P.M., Empower Boxing will post a Facebook video with the prize for the week.  Everyone who share’s the video and comments on the post will be entered into a drawing for that prize.  Entries will be accepted until Wednesday evening at 6:30 pm.

That week’s winner will be announced on Thursday morning at 8:30 am.

Keep watching our Facebook page for the video and the prizes!  Who is going to win the first one!

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